Course Objectives:

The following are the major objectives of this course:

  • define a Database Management System
  • give a description of the Database Management structure
  • define a Database
  • define basic foundational terms of Database
  • understand the applications of Databases
  • know the advantages and disadvantages of the different models
  • compare relational model with the Structured Query Language(SQL)
  • know the constraints and controversies associated with relational database model.
  • know the rules guiding transaction ACID
  • identify the major types of relational management systems
  • compare and contrast the types of RDBMS based on several criteria
  • understand the concept of data planning and Database design


Topics Covered:

This course consists of thirteen (13) units, divided into 3 modules. Each module deals with major aspect of the course.


Module 1

  • Unit 1 Overview
  • Unit 2 Database
  • Unit 3 Database Concepts
  • Unit 4 Database Models 1
  • Unit 5 Database Models: Relational Model
  • Unit 6 Basic Components of DBMS

Module 2

  • Unit 1 Development and Design-Of Database
  • Unit 2 Structured Query Languages (SQL)
  • Unit 3 Database and Information Systems Security
  • Unit 4 Database Administrator and Administration

Module 3

  • Unit 1 Relational Database Management Systems
  • Unit 2 Datawarehouse
  • Unit 3 Document Management System

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