The primary objective of this Oracle OCP training is to provide each student with the knowledge and testing secrets for passing the Oracle OCP DBA exam.  The student will gain confidence in their Oracle DBA knowledge and learn the tricks and traps of the Oracle OCP DBA exam.Using a proven training combination of intense instruction, practicum and numerous Oracle sample exams, the student should have a firm understanding of Oracle Database Administration.

The student will successfully install and configure a working Oracle database, create tablespaces and files, manage security and user access, and create tables, index-organized tables, cluster tables, indexes, bitmap indexes, function-based indexes and bitmap join indexes.  The students will also master Oracle data dictionary internals and understand how to monitor Oracle with the v$ and DBA views.

Course Outline:

  • Architecture & Configuration
  • Oracle database management?
  • Oracle object management
  • Monitoring Oracle
  • Performance Management Oracle High Availability tools

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