Workforce Timekeeper

  • Workforce Timekeeper gives you the information and automation tools you need, when you need them. You can streamline your time tracking with automated collection of time and attendance information. Automate the conversion of worked hours to payroll. And enforce your pay and work rules by knowing who is doing what, when, and why.
  • Track and manage your true labor costs with flexible pay rules that you determine
  • Track and manage your true labor costs with flexible pay rules that you determine
  • Manage exceptions -early/late arrivals, absences, long or missed breaks, overtime, or missed punches
  • Schedule the Right Employees at the Right Time -Every Time
  • Control labor costs by avoiding costly overtime as well as reducing both overstaffing and understaffing


Workforce Integration Manager

  • Integration Manager is an integration tool that enables users to transfer data from one data source to one destination. Integration Manager exports data from one application, such as the timekeeping application; reformats the data, creates new data, or both, depending on the destination application; and transfers the data.


Setup Data Manager

  • Setup Data Manager used to copy system setup data from a source to a target database. For example, it can be used to update production database with rules that were originally configured or tested on a non-production system.
  • Workforce Scheduler

  • The Scheduler provides tools to display, create, evaluate, and maintain schedules.
  • Workforce Accruals

  • Define how people accrue time or money, or both, and are created from building blocks, such as accrual codes and grants. The policies define how and when balances that are associated with accrual codes are credited and debited.
  • Workforce Device Manager

  • Configuring clocks, Devices and Device groups, Data collection Manager

    Workforce Timekeeper Concepts


    • Application Overview
    • Timecards
    • Genies, Reports and Event Manager
    • People Editor
    • Hyper find Queries
    • System Configuration
    • Pay Code Definition
    • Work Rule Building Blocks
      • Overtime Rule
      • Core Hours
      • Punch Round Rules
      • Bonuses/Deduction Rules
      • Combination Rule
      • Zone Rules
      • Sched Deviations
      • Breaks
      • Exceptions
      • Pay Code Distribution
    • Access Profiles and FAP
    • Labor Levels
    • Pay Rule Building Blocks
    • Holidays
    • Pay Rule
    • Display Profiles
    • Genie Building Blocks
    • Workforce Device Manager Accruals Overview
    • Lab to practice concepts discussed



    Basic Scheduling

    • Configuring Shift Templates
    • Assigning Schedule Groups
    • Configuring Pattern Templates
    • Lab to practice concepts discussed

    Advanced Scheduling

    • Understand the configuration differences between Workforce Timekeeper's basic scheduling components and Workforce Scheduler
    • Configure Scheduling tools such as the Schedule Planner, Staff Management Widget and others Availability, Skills and Certifications, Schedule to Skill, Rule Violations
    • Coverage Counting, Metrics and the Call List
    • Priority Scheduling Engine
    • Schedule Generator
    • Request Subtypes and Global Time-Off Requests
    • Scheduling specific alerts
    • Forecasting Overview
    • Lab to practice concepts discussed

    WIM Basic Topics

    • WIM Overview
    • Lookup Tables, Mapped Folders, Connections
    • Creating Text file to Text file Links and Interfaces
    • Utilizing Variables, Calculations and Qualifiers while developing records Extracting WFC Payroll information for Processing
    • Using SQL and Database as a Source and Output
    • Create a basic WFC XML API import of Pay Code Information
    • Review other options for Source and Output settings in a WIM Link Testing, Evaluating, Deploying Interfaces in to Workforce Central
    • Run a deployed interface from Workforce Central
    • Create and verify Payroll export file
    • Install Interface Designer application
    • Download a deployed interface from Workforce Central
    • Lab to practice concepts discussed

    WIM Advanced Topics

    • Extract date parts using variables
    • Extract data using parsing techniques
    • Extract data using pattern matching in lookup tables
    • Perform date and time calculations
    • Perform sorting and filtering tasks with SQL statements
    • Filter source data by using variables in SQL queries
    • Add custom fields to Workforce Connect output
    • Create multi-step interfaces
    • Lab to practice concepts discussed

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